Our Specialty : Setting and optimizing your suspension alignment


1.What makes our suspension/geometry set ups different to the local tyre center 4 wheel alignment?


Very simply we work to much tighter tolerances and have the expertise and experience to adjust the setting to suit individual requirements. Neil has spent many years setting up road and race cars including formula 1 cars and uses the same methodology to set up your car.

Many tyre centers will use equipment that sits on the tyres this will give very inaccurate results as you can only read geometry accurately from the wheel rim itself.


2.What will it cost?


Geometry set up costs are based on our hourly rate of £62.50. Normally it will take between 2 and 3 hrs for a full 4 wheel geometry set up. A front toe adjustment on a VW Golf would take about 1 hr.


3. What can you adjust?


This is car dependent but we check and adjust camber, toe, caster, ride height and rake.

we also offer cornerweighting for cars with fully adjustable damper platforms.


4. What cars need specialist geometry set ups?


All cars benefit from being set up accurately. It improves tyre wear and road handling on all vehicles. The most common car we will set up are caterham type vehicles TVR's, Lotus, Porsches and race cars but its not unusual to see an Audi, VW etc in for a small front toe adjustment or a BMW in to sort the rear tracking and tyre wear.